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Burberry Corporate


Burberry Group Inc is a luxury fashion house based in London distributing ready-to-wear outerwear, fashion accessories, fragrances, sunglasses and cosmetics. As a public company, Burberry have a corporate website in addition to the consumer site. The corporate website focuses on building relations with, and providing vital information for investors.


As part of a pitch I worked alongside the team at Investis to create a prototype for the proposed re-design of the Burberry Corporate website.

Duration: 7days

My role

I worked alongside the Creative Director and Design Director to produce an interactive prototype of the proposed website redesign. Offering my expertise where necessary and working on the technical build of the prototype using Adobe Muse.

UI Design

Inspired by Burberry’s new consumer site, we translated the content of the text heavy corporate site into an engaging user experience. Using lots of white space and brand defining imagery we told the stories of Burberry’s history, the corporate responsibility programme and investor relations in a digestible, relatable manner.

For pitch purposes, we focused on three main pages of the site; Corporate Responsibility, Our Performance and Living the Brand. Allowing us to showcase three levels of hierarchy and build an interactive prototype that would demonstrate the seamless user experience of the new site.

Muse development

Following approval of the UI designs, I started to build out the prototype in Adobe Muse. Focusing on the subtle but brand defining techniques used in the consumer site, I created a prototype that mimicked these experiences;

  • Smooth Scrolling
  • Staggered loading on scroll
  • Subtle opacity rollovers on imagery
  • Subtle strength rollovers on text links
  • Sticky in-page navigation
  • Full screen take over of main navigation

Project Details

Digital Design

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Designer at Investis

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