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De La Rue


De La Rue are a banknote manufacturer based in the south of England. Providing governments and commercial organisations with products and services that underpin the integrity of trade, personal identity and the movement of goods.

My role

I was brought into the team as a freelance digital designer to work alongside the Investis project team consisting of a Project Manager, Strategist and Design Director. The focus of my role was designing the Corporate Responsibility pages of the De La Rue website, reviewing and challenging wireframes supplied by the Strategist and translating them into clean user interfaces.

Duration: 3 days

UI Design

Inspired by the recent re-design of the De La Rue site, I took the simple layout and clean interface and added some stronger brand colours to bring the page to life. This helped to create hierarchy in the page, leading your eye between content and drawing you in to the call to actions.

Including typography styles found on the main site to emphasise key facts, I created an easily digestible page of information. This in turn creates a more engaging user experience as the user is no longer faced with a page of text and dull imagery, they have a clear path through the site.

In addition to the colours, I also tweaked the overlay style so that the white overlay sat on a portion of the image rather than the full image. This has enabled the brand photography to be more of a focus and again helped create hierarchy on the page. By increasing the opacity of the overlay, the headings on top are now fully accessible to all.

Project Details

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Digital Design

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