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Leeds College of Music


Leeds College of Music is a real hidden gem. It’s unique in mixing conservatoire methods (1:1 lessons, high quality teaching) with a less formal, collaborative university atmosphere.


After speaking to staff and prospective and current students it was clear that there was a disconnect between what they had to offer and how they were communicating this.

My role

I took a Designer role on this project, working alongside a Lead Designer and Creative Director.

Duration: 12 months


After looking at the way that sounds were created and the unique sound of each individual we were inspired by the idea of creating a brand that represented each musicians identity. We were drawn towards visualisations which had an container feel to them to reflect the hub of the college rather than those that were more linear or random.

Through our research of sound visualisation we came across the work of Karsten Schmidt who we collaborated with to create a piece of bespoke software which when music is played through it creates a moving visualisation.


From a library of samples the college selected the visual that they felt represents the basis of community and learning that the college provides.

Each student is now able to use the software to create their own identity, which is visualised within the constraints of the master logo.

We paired the rounded mark with a condensed angular font Rama. We felt the balance between the organic sphere and the strong verticals of the type was a strong contrast, it also provided a good heading font for use on the web and in the prospectus.


Creating the software meant that the college marketing team could create countless assets, both still and moving, which could be applied to printed and digital applications.

It also provides them with a tool to incentivise prospective students to engage with the college before and after applying.

At open days and recruitment fairs potential students could interact with the brand and create their own 20 second video snippet from a visualisation of their music, share it amongst their peers and even use it to create a personalised prospectus to email to themselves.

The brand is used in a variety of ways; from projections at live performances through to everyday items like signage and business cards.


One of the great things about the brand is its ability to grow with the college and continue to adapt and change as it does. The success of a brand is ultimately measured on how well it is adopted by internal teams and in that case, this has gone from strength to strength.

“It’s sophisticated, it’s progressive, it’s slick, it’s individual. It matches our vision for the future.”
Randall Whittaker, Director of Curriculum and Research, Leeds College of Music

Project Details

Date 2011
Skills Branding, Print Design, Digital Design
Role Designer at Precedent

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