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PwC are the leading multinational professional services firm in the world. With a network of over 300,000 employees across 157 countries, PwC strive to offer a consistently high standard of service to their clients. Voted the second most powerful brand in the world (behind lego) PwC are dedicated to offering a seamless customer experience from interception to connection.


In 2014 PwC embarked on a full review, analysis and re-brand of their online platforms. With new technologies and digital trends emerging in the market it became apparent that it was time to change; was outdated and unresponsive, expressing PwC’s views rather than addressing audience behaviour. PwC created a global team to work on the project.

My role

I was brought into the team as the lead digital designer and UX consultant. I worked alongside project managers, developers and the Head of Global Online. In addition to my role, I offered my advice and expertise, led discussions and workshops and presented concepts to the Global Board members.

Duration: 18 months


In the initial stage of the project I led the research, gathering examples and ideas to present to the wider team. This included:

  • Market research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Analysis of analytics

UX planning

To kick off the UX work-stream the team attended a three day workshop in London which enabled us to discuss the research and brainstorm ideas for the new site. The workshop resulted agreeing styles and functionality we preferred and a lot of sketching ideas. Following the workshop I compiled the notes and:

  • Identified key user groups and created a series of personas that would represent each user group.
  • Mapped key user journeys for each persona addressing variable entry points and user goals.
  • Established template structure, identifying the various templates required to accommodate the content on including; home page, landing page, campaign pages, content pages, collection pages etc.
  • Created wire-frames for each template that were validated by the wider team and developed into an interactive prototype.
  • Facilitated user testing on prototypes gaining insight and feedback that would inform the UI design.

UI design

Inspired by research into the use of PwC brand colours, the new templates use a limited colour palette, with one accent colour and two supporting colours, complimented by the neutral greys. This resulted in a clean, fresh look and established hierarchy within the pages.

The new templates have been designed to encourage a storytelling style of content which facilitates the long narrative that PwC produce. Call to actions and contacts were clear and consistent ensuring that PwC were able to translate users into customers.

To facilitate the implementation of the new templates I wrote a series of guidelines aimed at each user scenario; developers, designers and marketeers to ensure that they fully understood the templates.


PwC launched the new online presence in January 2016, following a iterative process to roll out the templates they are using isolated campaigns to feature the templates, test the UX and identify feedback for phase 2. The visual style of the new templates has been greatly received by both marketeers and clients.

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