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Turntwo are a marketing consultancy based in London working with Private Equity clients to help them build brands. Turntwo accelerate growth and value for their clients, by combining solid analytics and strategic thinking, to address growth challenges.


Turntwo commissioned us in 2016 to work on a re-brand of the company including visual identity and online presence. Turntwo’s current logo was out of date and did not tell the story of their brand, while their website was basic and non-responsive. Over a period of 8 weeks, we worked together to build a visual engaging brand with a meaningful identity and a user focused website.

Visual Identity

Following some in-depth stakeholder interviews, it was clear that Turntwo needed a new identity that visually represented their brand. Through research, brainstorms, and lots of sketching we delivered a series of concepts to the board at Turntwo.

The selected concept was then developed further to create the final brand set including logo, colours, photography and tone of voice.

The logo represents the three dimensions of the business inter-linking to show the unity of the company with their clients and resources. The logo can be flexible in its layout, offering a square composition or a long horizontal composition, enabling it to work seamlessly on all platforms and outputs.

UI Design

The new UI for the website focused on bringing the new visual identity to life, online. Using a muted colour palette and the bright orange of the logo to create contrast, the website it easy to navigate and has clear calls to action.

The user journeys focus on the who what and why of the business and allows users to easily find out more information. In contrast to the previous site, this interface puts the customer at the heart of the site, ensuring that they are delivered useful, insightful information in digestible chunks.

CMS Build

One of the key aims of this project was to ensure that the stakeholders are able to manage and edit content online as and when they need to. Therefore, this site has been built using WordPress CMS which is clean, concise and easy to use.

Following the development of the site, we ran a series of training sessions with the stakeholders at Turntwo to teach them the basics of navigating the CMS and updating content. This has been a great success as it enables Turntwo to become self sufficient and saves on the regular update costs.

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