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University of Southampton


University of Southampton is a public research university and the founding member of the Russell Group. They are ranked in the top 1% of universities in the UK.


In 2012, the University of Southampton were struggling to attract their desired students onto undergraduate courses. They were not being considered by the high achieving students and were therefore not fulfilling their recruitment targets. As a result, UoS commissioned an undergraduate recruitment campaign.

My role

I was the lead designer on the project, leading a team of creative and working in collaboration with a Creative Director.

In addition to the concept and design work, I also facilitated user workshops, stakeholder interviews and presented both concepts and designs to stakeholders.

Prior to the roll-out of the campaign, I presented the concept, designs and strategy to 150 members of staff at the University of Southampton.

Duration: 6 months


The concept was based around encouraging students to align their ambition with that of the University of Southampton. The wealth of successful alumni sparked the concept and enabled us to created flagship case studies that potential students could aspire to

Through the roll-out of the campaign, the students were encouraged to share their ambitions and therefore the University gained valuable insights into the minds of their prospective students and were given the opportunity to tailor each students engagement based on their hobbies and interests.


The tone of voice was conversational so that the prospective students were able to align themselves with the brand.

The colours were complimentary of the University’s own branding but included bright, eye catching colours that stood out from the crowd.

The font was created from a copy of my own handwriting to mirror the personal touch of the campaign. During research, it became apparent the handwritten fonts are usually unprofessional and too stylised. Therefore we created a bespoke font for the campaign.

To facilitate the implementation of the new templates I wrote a series of guidelines aimed at each user scenario; developers, designers and marketeers to ensure that they fully understood the templates.


The campaign ran for several months either side of the open days. The outputs included:

  • Campaign font
  • Fully branded campus
  • Staff uniforms
  • Post-it wall
  • Undergraduate prospectus
  • Digital platform
  • Social media

Social media played a key role in the success of this campaign, allowing students to interact with the campaign before and after the open day, providing them with a platform to make their ‘Ambitions’ a reality.

Project Details

Date 2012
Skills Branding, Campaign, Print Design
Role Designer at Precedent

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